Monday, October 11, 2010

Persian Groups

You know that you breeding a Persian Cat, but do you know that experts around the world have separated Persian to many groups?
CFA recognized Persian in seven groups by their coat colors (other variety as well), now you can click links below and access to CFA official website for details, enjoy reading ^-^

  1. Solid Color Click Me
    • Black
    • Blue
    • Chocolate
    • Red
    • Lilac
    • Cream
    • White
  2. Silver and Golden Click Me
    • Chinchilla Silver
    • Chinchilla Gold
    • Shaded Silver
    • Shaded Gold
  3. Shaded and Smoke Click Me
    • Shell Cameo (Red Chinchilla)
    • Shaded Cameo (Red Shaded)
    • Shell Cream (Cream Chinchilla)
    • Shaded Cream (Cream Shaded)
    • Shell Tortoiseshell
    • Shaded Tortoiseshell
    • Shell Blue-Cream
    • Shaded Blue-Cream
    • Black Smoke
    • Blue Smoke
    • Cream Smoke
    • Cameo (Red) Smoke
    • Tortoiseshell Smoke
    • Blue-Cream Smoke 
  4. Tabby   *all Tabbies have copper eyes except some silver tabbies*  Click Me
    • Classic Tabby
    • Mackerel Tabby
    • Red Tabby
    • Brown Tabby
    • Brown Patched Tabby
    • Cream Tabby
    • Cameo Tabby
    • Cream Cameo Tabby
    • Silver Tabby *might have green or hazel eyes*
    • Blue Tabby
    • Blue Silver Tabby *might have green or hazel eyes*
    • Blue Patched Tabby
    • Silver Patched Tabby
    • Blue Silver Patched Tabby *might have green or hazel eyes*
    • Chocolate Tabby
    • Chocolate Patched Tabby
    • Lilac Tabby
    • Lilac Patched Tabby 
  5. Parti Color Click Me
    • Tortoiseshell
    • Blue-Cream
    • Chocolate Tortoiseshell
    • Lilac-Cream
  6. Calico and Bi-Color Click Me
    • many variety, please read CFA official web for detail colors
  7. Himalayan *points at face, legs & tail, blue-eyes, else disqualified*  Click Me
    • chocolate
    • seal
    • lilac
    • blue
    • red
    • cream tortie
    • blue-cream
    • chocolate-tortie
    • lilac-cream
    • seal lynx
    • blue lynx
    • red lynx
    • cream lynx
    • tortie lynx
    • blue-cream lynx
    • chocolate lynx
    • lilac lynx
    • chocolate-tortie lynx
    • lilac-cream lynx

I'm totally confused after studied these groups and their colors, hopefully I can put all Persians into correct group easily in future. :)

Quiz Time: 

This Persian Kitten should fall into which group? 

*No prize :P

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  1. that would be a lilac calico! they are very rare as you probably already know. Yours is very cute but not quite as cute as our Delilah of Uno Belgatto Cattery! thank you so much for posting the beautiful picture I have never seen another lilac calico before, Happy Holidays!